What Our Customers are saying

As the other reviews say this pizzeria has remained the 80s with furniture but you can not say the same for the pizzas! There are not many as in the classic pizzerias, however, the choice of ingredients and quality are superior! I for example I chose a pizza with pumpkin, apples and smoked ricotta, I must say that I was surprised, and I really liked! Of course the prices are not very competitive but at least once I recommend you try it!

francesca r

Despite frequenting this place for many years, the pizza is always a pleasant surprise. The ingredients are of excellent quality and Daniele, the pizza chef, never ceases to surprise with new pizzas.
It’s a great environment for families, but also for conpagnie who want to spend a nice evening ravaging a great pizza.
It is our favorite pizza place and recommend it to everyone!


I frequent this pizzeria with my family since I was little and I must say it has always satisfied me fully. The pizza is very good, made with high quality raw materials, not to mention the homemade cakes from Renata. I recommend everyone to try her tiramisu.
unrivaled price-quality ratio.

Marco M

Arrived here to ” attempt ” ( Monday and ‘ closing round for the most local of the area ) somo fully satisfied output ! Great dough , pizza and ‘ crisp and stuffed with ingredients of quality ‘ . The not very good lager, but with the goodness’ of the little pizza matter . It seemed to be at dinner in your living room . Recommended!



Been there a couple of times in the last month and I must say that the pizza and ‘really good .. The room is not’ fashionable but the important ‘pizza !! friendly staff! Council!


Definitely the best pizza in Pordenone for the quality of the ingredients for both the imagination of Daniel the pizza. Excellent friendliness of Eugenio and Renata and staff. I highly recommend it and all.

Paolo Z